Change to Technology-Driven Culture.

`Technology is changing the world.` These words are already becoming familiar. On the other hand, We feel that there is still a big gap between business and technology.

Technology-Driven is not to think about something based on new technology, but to take an idea to understand and utilize technology. We believe that is what we need for our future business.

Castify mission is to propose this Technology-Driven concept, put it into practice, and realize Technology-Driven Culture.



"Castify", the live-streaming SaaS

You can make live-streaming apps easily with large-scaled and high quality backend at small cost.

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IT 受託開発

サーバーサイド開発、特に Java, Kotlin, Scala, PHP 等における豊富な実績を持つエンジニアが所属しています。ハイパフォーマンスかつ高い品質のソフトウェア開発を提供しています。


Corporate Profile

Company name
Castify Inc. (株式会社 Castify)
Founded Date
¥ 1,370,000
CEO, President
Kenta Takahashi (高橋 健太)
130-0021 Midori 2-22-13, M2 201, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
(130-0021 東京都墨田区緑2-22-13 エムツー 201)
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